Artist Logo Support for Simplicity

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Welcome Screen for Simplicity

I have added the ability to use a Wizard-like walkthrough to outline some of the features of Simplicity.


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Advanced Launcher Support

Here are some screenshots of Advanced Launcher support.

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Optional Image Packs

You can get the optional image packs from these links.

Just place the RAR file in your Program Files/XBMC/addons folder and extract.

Color Studios Advanced Launcher
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Simplicity – New Home Screen Option

Icons are now included. Yipee!!!

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Sketchy (Coming Soon)

Sketchy is our next skin and is currently a WIP.  It will be released for beta when the time is right.

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Simplicity is our newest available skin.  It can be downloaded from the GIT page.  The forum for it is HERE.

Here is a screenshot of the home screen.

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